Three Lines

Thank you all for coming yesterday

The next and last performance will be tomorrow at EDO.

The residency will resume within the next few weeks

The work viewed here is only meant to be taken as a sketch book

For my completed art work you can contact me or view my site

Three Lines

Thank you all for coming yesterday

The next and last performance will be tomorrow at EDO

Fire Lotus Zen Center

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.

Fire Lotus Zen Center of New York City, Brooklyn NY

Fire Lotus Zen Center has been picked for the inauguration of Virtual Residency NY-ATHENS. Art As A Statement.


Virtual Residency NY- Athens.Greece/ Art as a statement

“Virtual Residency NY- Athens Greece” deals with the idea of virtual vs. physical space, distance, opportunity as well as the need of a visual artist to be represented and be a part of a physical/ gallery space.

In project “Virtual Residency NY- Athens”. I am creating a 3-month virtual residency.  The idea is to take as departure point art spaces in New York to be inspired and create upon .  The work created will be posted in my blog (here). The history, use, or artists represented by the space will be used as an inspiration for the work.

The work

The work will be a series of art pieces (all mediums could be used) that will be presented on line (live or edited) every week. The departure and inspirational point for these works are different exhibitions that simultaneously will be taking place in galleries at NYC.

After living in the states for 12 years and coming back to Greece the distance between the two continents seemed enormous and my need for communication and stimulation  grew larger and larger.

As a way to bridge the gap I decided to create a virtual residency in which every week I will choose a different art venue to be inspired by and create a work for.  In my search for communication and inspiration I am to use the artist statements, or the history, architecture of the spaces chosen in NYC.

Further more, the work that I will create, could be either experienced live, or edited and uploaded on the internet.

Virtual Residency NY- Athens challenges the ideas of time and space, of authority and opportunity by merging the physical and virtual space as well as the two very distant cities.



Gagosian gallery will not be represented as it is already represented in Greece.

The work created for this project is by no means a comment on other artist works. It is only an experiment for me to create new work based on the way I perceive other people ideas.  I am thankful in advance to them for the inspiration.

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Korai st. Center of Historic Memory

This work was created for project Greek Island that took place at Korai 4 Center for historical memory

The place that we were called to create upon was built as a shelter but used as by the Germans during WWII as detention cells for Greeks.  The place still holds the memories and hopes of the prisoners on the walls.

I created a gigantic piece of binoculars for the exhibitions with coarse mirrors on the interior stating the urgency and the need to look at the issue of neonazism that unfortunately seems to rise in our days.

Red Burns

the year before I graduated I started getting scared that I wont be able to find a job as an artist, so I went to the head of my department, the dearest most charming woman, Red Burns and asked her about getting an internship to a corporation.

Red looked at me and said

– YOU will never work for a corporation

I tried to state my buts and fears and she again stated to me

– YOU will never work for a corporation

I have manage to get by and never work for a corporation