My work uses video, paintings, audio and performance to create platforms for collective experiences.

A place for people to discover and bring forth their own ethics. A way to create a spell together, a call to those forces that seem to be too strong or too abstract to be addressed in other ways.

I am inspired by the way fertility rituals were and are used as a means to connect the human prosperity and social/ environmental balance with the divine aspect of the earth. I am concerned with discovering ways in which we realize these connections today. Ways that our relationship to the earth and to our bodies can be revisited. I am interested in the creation of collective moments of intention, actions that we could also call rituals, or prayers and in the use of shamanic tools as a way to understand and influence contemporary cosmologies.

For me contemporary cosmologies need to have space for different ways of thinking to co-exist, I see this as the main lesson from globalization, that in many ways, places economic values above logic and “rational” thinking above reason.

I see art works as cosmologies themselves, universes that reinforce, invent, mask or unravel belief systems and through them I address our societal needs.

I am creating spaces and experiences where nature and culture are not divided, inviting the audience/ participant / passerby to interact with the defined spaces, events and defy alienation (my performances are participatory). Through culture cultural events one will experience the power of his/her nature and vice versa.

In this way of thinking I am interested in creating environments that the unseen can be seen through the fragments, that we the people can bring our powers together to celebrate life and create a future that answers to our own needs. These fragmented events – ceremonial participations, bring people power together to celebrate life. It is the unseen that is personally and collectively seen that contribute to a future that answers to our daily spiritual and practical needs.



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New York University, Tisch School of the Arts
MA, Interactive Telecommunications Program, 2006

Leonardo da Vinci Scholarship, Florence, Italy
Study of classical sculpture, 2004

Acto School of Design, Athens, Greece
Selected photo classes, 2003

Columbia College Chicago
BFA, Installation Art, Sculpture & Photography, 2002

Sxedion School of Classical Drawing, Athens, Greece
Classical drawing lessons, 1998



La Pocha Nostra Summer School, School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece, 2013
Virtual Residency, NY-Athens, 2012- ongoing
Big Sur Spirit Garden, Big Sur, CA 2009
Swing Space, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, NY 2008
Experimental Television Center Residency, Newark Valley, NY 2007
Best Experimental Work, DiGit 2006, Delaware Arts Center, NY 2006
Leonardo da Vinci Scholarship, Study of Classical Sculpture, Florence Italy 2004
Albert Weisman Scholarship, Columbia College, Chicago, IL 2001
Fashion Columbia, First price in 3-D Category, Columbia College, Chicago, IL 2001



Re-visiting 2013
Beton 7 gallery, Athens, Greece

If I asked you, Could you tell me how it started… 2007
Agathi Gallery, Athens, Greece

Nests, Agathi Gallery, Athens, Greece 2004

Home Sweet Home, Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, IL 2002




The Sheep, Foundation of the Hellenic World
Advancement and memory, HANIaRT, Church of Agia Irini, Crete, Greece
MUSEUM (memory + creativity)=social change, Museum Night, Museum of National Bank, Athens, Greece


Human Being, Pop Up 123, Athens Greece


Project Greek Island, Space of Historical Memory, Athens Greece


Pater Imon, Lola Nikolaou Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece


Art in General, New York, NY
Video Art Festival Miden, Kalamata, Greece


Swing Space Open House, Manhattan Cultural Council, New York, NY
Electromedia Works Festival, Athens, Greece
Galerija Nova, Zagreb, Croatia
Skuc Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Leviathans, Tel-Aviv, Israel
WYSPA Art Institute, Gdansk, Poland
Mobile Archive, Hamburg, Germany
Athens Video Art Festival, Athens, Greece

Brooklyn Arts Council 41st Film and Video Festival - Official Selection

BAC 41 International Film and Video Festival, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, NY


Inport International Video – Performance Festival, Estonia
DIGit 2006, Delaware Arts Center, Best Experimental Work
Open Zone, Ocularis, Brooklyn, NY
1st Williamsburg Festival, Brooklyn, NY
BAC 40th International Film and Video Festival,
Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, NY
The Archive Project, Israel Center for Digital Art, Israel
Bap, Bushwick Art Project (BAP) Brooklyn, NY
Spring Show, ITP, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU, NY
Anigma ‘06, Novosibirsk State Art Museum, Russia


Senior Show, Columbia College Chicago, IL



La Pocha Nostra Summer School, School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece, 2013
Three Lines, Gallery M55 and E.D.O. Athens Greece, 2012
Sekhmet/Sicmet, Times Square, NY 2007
2 $, Union Square Park, NY 2006
Drawing Lessons, Tisch building sidewalk, NY 2006
Feed Me, Washington Square Park, NY 2006
The Subway Show, L metro train (In collaboration with Nurit Bar-shai) 2005



Tsigris school for design, 2010- Now, Athens, Greece
Intorduction to contemporary art

IDC, Parsons School of Design, The New School University, New York, 2008
New Media

Interactive Telecommunications Program, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, New York, 2007
Video Art



Institute for Contemporary Greek Art, Utopia Project, Athens Greece, 2011

Dana Discovery Center, Central Park West, 2008
LA LUTTA Group, Documentary Youth Program, New York

Vision Education, 2007
Student Professional Orientation & Media Applications, New York