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Walk 1 Permission


Sat Oct 4 2014


Buenos dias Madre Tierra                                       Καλημέρα Πατέρα Ήλιε
Buenos dias Padre Sol                                              Καλημέρα Μάνα Γη
Esta dia tan hermosa                                                Αυτή την όμορφη ημέρα
Yo los canto con amor                                               Σας τραγουδάω μια προσευχή

I leave the house with my drum on hand, the city is just starting to wake up
I feel almost invisible in the city
I sing and I play my drum
The words of the song start coming to me
The only song I seem to remember for now
With me I have music instruments
colors, a bottle of barley tea and two cameras
In my recordings I decide to collect what I think has to do with the seed
My plan for today is to find farms and ask for seeds to plant in my garden

I drink a cup of barley tea just before I leave Brussels
I enjoy the taste,
Its flavor is simple and basic
There is a forest on my right, where I stop to take a break
My back is burning from caring the backpack
I find a tree and I sit on its lap
I stick my back on it and I can feel the fire going out by the dewiness of the tree
I put my arms around it and crack my back open
I start walking in the forest
I find a totem
I take my drum but it does not want to play anymore
I ask permission from the totem and inspiration for this work
I ask for the world of the seed to open to me
And permission to open it as well
I feel that the door is closed

Maybe I do not put the time it needs
I make an offering and I feel it being accepted
There is an opening

I get permission, and I go

I get to a small village with a beautiful lake, swans, ducks and geese
A present
My ideas become clearer
I realize that the walk is over and this walk was about asking permission
I warm my belly in the sun

On seeds

Les glaneurs et la glaneuse

Three Lines

Thank you all for coming yesterday

The next and last performance will be tomorrow at EDO