In Loose Marbles, I am examining the importance of representation in art using as a starting point the human body and the city, as well as the relationship between art and every day life.  The human body becomes a mould for a nostalgic story that begins from the statures of ancient Greek and Roman art while the «body» of the city is getting dressed again with elements of the past.  Investigating the relationship between the contemporary and the ancient, I am interested in the concept of representation of the body and the way it has been imprinted in statures and works of art.  I am also exploring the transition of an ancient city, like Athens, to a contemporary city centre that has lost its emblematic character; There is a need to take care of these elements (both the body and the city). The body is taken care of, by washing it, caressing it and by making multiple moulds of it and thus preserving it and the city my making moulds out of its every day objects like garbage cans and railings and thus beautifying its mundane elements.

By using materials that imitate marble, I am bringing in the conversation a material that is not only used for its function but also for its aesthetic value.  The mixed media practice (video, performance, sculpture and photography) help in the understanding of the process in the contemporary work, contrasting the experience of the performance as an action, the documentation and the creation in the artist studio.