Performance for video,
Original video time 07’00min, DV, Color, Sound, 2006

Feed Me is a public performance that took place in Washington Square Park in February 2006. It lasted four hours and was recorded by three visible cameras manned by a rotating crew of ten people.

Washington Square Park is a place where people go during their lunch breaks; a place where people harass others for money or food.
It is also known for its crossroads, for those who prefer to pass through. A dining table was set with a metal sign while I asked people to physically feed me.

Who feeds us? Usually we feed ourselves. We get fed by our mother when we are young, perhaps a lover or close friend as we grow (if we are healthy), and a nurse (if we are not). I was curious to see how I could communicate such a delicate, trusting and erotic need with people I don’t know. I was exploring the idea that with new lovers and friends we are asked to trust and come close to people with whom we are not familiar.