City Shamanism refers to a series of works happening within the urban environment that aim to connect us with the different elements, water, fire, earth, air and spirit.
Usually we address and enjoy nature and the elements outside of the urban environment neglecting the rivers, the power of the earth and the seed, the rhythm of our heart in our cities.
With these acts and practices I have asked for public moments of connecting and praying to that which is neglected yet still vital and alive.

Talking to the Senne river in Brussels 2016
Baring the crystal, Brussels and around the world 2016
Quantum Drumming, Brussels, Athens 2016
Seeding through time, Thessaloniki 2016
Moon Bath, Athens 2016
Where does our truth reside, Athens 2017

Performed and collaborated with
Vitoria Kotsalou
Daniela Bollano
Iris Nikolaou
Lefteris Polyxronis
Vassia Valkanioti
Anna Dimitrievich
Polyxeni Aklidi
Poliana Dimitropoulou