Multimedia installation, Agatha Gallery, Athens, Greece, 2004

Nests is an installation that was created at Agathi gallery in Athens, Greece on June of 2004. The video in the installation is a six minute loop.
The show elaborates on the female existence with a critical and austere perspective in parallel with, full of love look. The work facilitates the dream of motherhood, relationship, family and in general a woman’s desire.

In a discreet way, I pose to the viewer questions that troubled me:
I can, but do I want to?
I want to but can I?

The title, Nests, is used metaphorically, meaning the house, the cocoon, the mother belly, a place of security and/or of comfort. Places that embrace, lull, feed, but at the same time choke and imprison. Places full of love, places full of paranoia.